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Raw Material selection :-
All the raw materials are periodically tested and approved for the required quality parameters before procuring from the established vendors. On receipt of the raw materials, routine quality tests are carried on before using any material in batch formulation.
At every stage of productions, Quality Control measure is strictly followed such as:
Accepted raw materials are mixed in definite proportions and ground in the ball mills. Before discharging the Ball Mill, the slurry is tested for required fineness etc. The slurry is stored in underground blunger and filter cakes are taken out which may be termed as Starting Material.
The starting material (filter cakes) goes for different types of productions:-

a) Dry Pressing
b) Semi-dry Pressing
c) Vacuum Extrusion and
d) Slip Casting.

The formed components are dried, finished and in many cases machined.
Next stage is firing/baking in Tunnel Furnace/Shuttle Furnace depending on the material characteristics. The fired products are 100% inspected for quality, dimension and any other routine tests required.
The inspected components are either packed or further machined to close tolerance of upto +/- 0.01 mm.